Children's Pottery Ideas

Imagination and creativity play a vital role in creating happy, resilient kids who can think for themselves. Which is why we pride ourselves in giving kids a safe and supportive environment where they can create something truly original. There is no better way to boost a child's confidence then giving »

Adult Project Ideas

We believe in giving people the freedom to create their own ideas whilst we provide technical support and encouragement on a one to one basis. So there is no limit to the fabulous things people can produce, as you will see in our varied gallery of customer creations. Join us »

Pottery Wheel Sessions

We are thrilled with how popular the potter’s wheel has been with our workshop attendees, with some fabulous first time pots being produced by people of all ages. With the adult evening classes, we give people free access to the potter’s wheel and plenty of support whilst honing »

Hey Clay!

We were very privilege to have been chosen to take part in the Crafts Council's ‘Hey Clay!’ event on 9th April. With free clay activities taking place across the country, we were one of the many who welcomed people from all walks of life into our workshops to make fabulous »

Wheelie Good Fun

It's on many peoples' bucket list and now we can help you make your pottery dreams come true! With help from our local hardware shop T.W.Aldersons & Sons, who lent us their flat bed trolley, we could transport our pottery wheel to it's new permanent home in our »