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Adult Workshops

We’re all about giving you choices! So there are a number of ways that you can enjoy a fun filled pottery session with us. Evening and afternoon sessions - Our 6-week pottery sessions are a perfect way to truly immerse yourself in the creativity of clay. You learn the »

Day Workshops For All Ages

Playing with clay is fun for all ages! Our day workshops are a perfect opportunity for the whole family to get creative. With everyone able to create a project, from scratch, that will challenge and inspire them. With regular workshops taking place during term time and during school holidays you »


Celebrations are special, and we know that you and your family are unique and deserve to have an experience that is truly personalised. With a wide range of projects to suit a variety of ages and interests, we are proud to have had three generations all creating unique mementos in »

Pottery Wheel Sessions

We are thrilled with how popular the potter’s wheel has been with our workshop attendees, with some fabulous first time pots being produced by people of all ages. With the adult evening classes, we give people free access to the potter’s wheel and plenty of support whilst honing »

School Workshops

ONE DAY, HANDS-ON, POTTERY WORKSHOPS FOR KS2 & KS3 SCHOOLS ROMAN, PREHISTORIC, ANGLO-SAXON, TUDOR, GREEK, EGYPTIAN, CIVIL WAR, VICTORIAN, MEDIEVAL These workshops combine an art & craft activity with history and are a cost effective, real alternative to a field trip; We bring a living museum to you! We present »